• Is the monkey on your back yours?

    I was at a Constellation workshop last year and heard an amazing fact. Scientists have done research on mice. The first generation tested had rosewater sprayed in the air and then they were electronically shocked.  The connection was made so strongly, that by three generations later, the researchers just had…

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  • Who Do You Trust?

    Following up to my post about Trust I came across some interesting reading in Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly that I thought I would share. Learning how to trust is a loaded subject in general. If trust has been broken and in most cases not modelled, how do you know…

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  • Trust

    According to Miriam Webster, trust is: “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.” What we know for sure is that living a life without trust, means living a life without feeling safety in self and others. There is no such thing as safety…

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  • Neurobiology – Walls & Blocks

    At some point in time, we will be confronted with either walls or blocks that will stand in our way and may seem insurmountable. One school of thought it that we cannot go through, around or over the wall and instead must reimagine the situation, so that there is no…

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  • Neurobiology – Curiosity

    Did you know that curiosity, among other things, enhances the brain and stimulates improved learning and memory? Basically curiosity recruits the reward system. Then the interactions between the reward system and the hippocampus seem to put the brain in a state where you are more likely to learn and retain…

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  • Neurobiology – The Nervous System

    I mentioned the other day that the left and right brains don’t know of each others existence for many years.  Suffice to say, obviously when they are connected, their integration may not encapsulate every piece that came before and in most cases will not.  Where this becomes a problem is…

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  • Neurobiology – Brain to Brain

    I’m not sure if you know this or not, but our left and right brains know nothing about each other until we are about 8 years old and the corpus callosum grows & connects them. So essentially what that means is that our left brain, the logical side has no…

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  • Everybody has a story…

    Some are bigger than others,  some are filled with drama and others are filled with peace and happiness. Where it gets confusing is what we make our stories mean about us. When our stories are “good” we usually don’t look into them to see what things may mean.  But when…

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  • It’s Time

    Albert Einstein once said that in his view, the definition of insanity “is doing the same things over and over again,  but expecting a different results.” The first step to making a meaningful change, always starts with the choice you make to do something different this time.  The situation doesn’t…

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  • Imagine

    Can you imagine what your life will be like in 2 years, 5 years , 10 years or more?  Can  you even picture it? Do you know what you are capable of, what you can learn and what you can achieve? If you can imagine it, do you know how you…

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