August 29 – Live Your Worries Through – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

Live, I say, live your worries through and your spirit will wake from its fever, and you will want others like soup.

During my struggle with cancer, the endless medical gauntlet of going through procedures and tests and then waiting for the results gave me a lot of practice in dealing with worry.

I quickly realizedthat fear gained its power whenever I would leave the moment at hand to imagine bad things descending in the future, like pain and loss and grief. Even when realizing this, I was hard- pressed to stop it, and soon I discovered that worry was the mental echo of fear, there playing in detail of all the bad things that might or might not come into being.

Finally, through exhaustion, I dropped my fear and worry for a moment, and found that I landed back in my life as it truly was, laced with difficulties and joys alike. I found that the moment I was living, no matter my circumstance, was the only safe place. From here, I could truly reach for others whose love and care fed me. In large measure, it was the moment after fear and the reaching for others after worry that kept me well.

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