A somatic approach to help with Autism

Ok, we are on to a different topic today, after the last few posts being about hypnotherapy.  Today, I am sharing a positive experience on behalf of one of my clients.   She is excited and wants to share this success, so as per her request I am sharing the summary here, but obviously with no specific details.

My client originally came to me to work on some of her own issues & challenges. Through our work together she asked me if I could work with her young son who has autism.   He is also working with an OT & PT, so this was a complimentary treatment to help using a Somatic approach.

My sense was his nervous system was overwhelmed due to birth trauma combined with the autism symptoms he was expressing. My intention was to help him establish safety in his system first, so we could make some space for him to build resilience & tolerance in his system, so he could stay present & take in the learnings from his OT & PT.

My other intention in helping him feel safe, was to teach him how to access this feeling for himself, and also come up with a tool to help him connect & experience his family members in a safe way, through a repeatable process.

We started slowly – using my hypnotherapy puppets as a method of communicating. and worked to complete some movements and gestures. I realize this terminology may not make sense, in layman terms it simply means to move the body parts super slowly and gently, based on moments the client is already starting to make.

For the first few years of his life, this little boy had little to no contact & no touch tolerance, but after doing this for a few days has started actively seeking out this exercise with his mom. For him to seek out contact is such a huge win.  We also started working on signals to help him learn to ask for what he needs, and he now has two ways to ask for what he needs around contact & connection.  These three little pieces have made such a huge difference already.

Obviously we have a long way to go, but seeing this change already, is a success that we both wanted to share. To see this little boy make such important shifts is such an amazing gift to me, I am honoured and privileged to be part of his care team.  I am posting this with a picture of an elephant (my favourite animal by the way) trumpeting & celebrating this little boys success…

For those of you holding things in your nervous system, it just goes to show that even if you have no awareness it is there, or no idea how to communicate it, it can still be worked on & resolved.  Slowly & gently, at your pace & capacity, we can work together to build your resilience & capacity.


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  1. Christine Crowley

    Love this! What a wonderful approach and lovely progress.

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