Anything is possible…

I truly believe that anything is possible, no matter what has happened in your life or where you start from and lately this belief has been even more solidified by the success of some recent clients.

In the past few weeks I have been working with children, athletes & business executives, on their performance issues at school, on the playing field (whatever their sport) and in the business arena/boardroom.

What I have noticed is that performance, no matter what it is linked to i.e.: exams, sports achievements, business achievements, is driven by the same factors.  The desire & wish to succeed and the intention to do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.

That said, sometimes this drive is hidden because of past issues and in other cases the ability to succeed is hampered by a belief that they are not worthy or capable.  Sometimes it is hard to accomplish because of self sabotaging behaviour.  Other times it is hard to stay committed, even though you know that is what you want and what it will take to reach your goals.

These two sets of beliefs are conflicting and the mind then doesn’t know what to do with them, so it does nothing. Which is when people get stuck and their performance starts to suffer, which in turn affects beliefs about themselves and their capability etc.,

This was the same whether I spoke with a 7 year old hoping to get on the soccer team, the 13 year old being recruited by the hockey team, the 22 year old active player wanting to stay at the top of his game and the 41 president of his own company who wanted to expand his company on an international level.

I used hypnotherapy with each of the people that I am referring to, to help them get “un stuck” and to overcome the sabotaging behaviour, correct the incorrect beliefs etc., so they could fully step into the direction they want to head, knowing who they were and really clear about what they wanted to achieve and how to do it.

The efficacy of this work continues to amaze me.  What amazes me even more is just how many things you can use this for – I quite literally haven’t found anything yet, that it hasn’t helped with.

I will continue to share successes with you, as I know that is what you are looking for, for yourself. – a way to achieve your goals, no matter what they are, personally & professionally.



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