About Kimberly – My Intention

As part of getting to know me, I thought I would take a few minutes to share my intentions in being a Trauma Recovery Coach & Counsellor.

This list is current as of today, but not a final list and I hope to continue to grow as a person, while I help you to grow and heal.

  1. Presence – I want to be present with you in all of your states, calm or difficult.  I want to be able to help you gain a capacity for consistent awareness and being present when you are activated or triggered. I know your nervous system can be healed and re-set so this is possible.
  2. Resonance – I want to communicate with you in an attuned manner and hold the space that helps you move towards stabilizing and continuity.
  3. Self Regulation – I want to help you learn how to self regulate in practical ways while creating and increasing your personal capacity.
  4. Reduce Triggers & Fears – I want to help you reduce and release fear and terror that are bound tightly with survival energy so you can redirect that energy towards your healing and living life.
  5. Healing Wisdom – I want to help restore  your belief and trust in yourself and your body, so you can know you are powerful and are the one responsible for your own healing.
  6. Change Time – I want to work with you to heal both the story of your mind and the story of your body, in the time frames that serve them the best.  This is about healing, shifting, resetting and retraining in order to enjoy pleasure and relaxation in an authentic long term way.
  7. Effectively – I want to be able to provide enough support and resource while working with you so that you will move forward, stay connected to those uncomfortable places in order to integrate the healing that is there for you.
  8. Safety – I want to be a safe, confidential, trustworthy partner working along side you on your journey. I want to be there with you and for you, a safe place to heal your body and  your mind, so you can live the life you want and deserve to live.

I know for myself, having a partner along side me, with the skill set to help vs. re-traumatize made all the difference.  I knew what I didn’t need, what didn’t feel right I just didn’t know how to trust myself or how to speak up for myself.  I also know that I had lived a life time without healing and wanted to take some big, meaningful steps, for the long term.

I sincerely want to work with you so your past is no longer affecting your present or your future in ways that don’t serve or support you.   It will be my absolute honour to partner with you, confidentially, on your journey.


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