Finding people you trust these days is hard. Sometimes having recommendations can help.I consider these people to be partners in health and wellness and have approached them for their permission to list them here as respected and valued partners.

For full disclosure I have worked with these individuals on my own journey, personally and professionally. Please however continue to do your own research, to ensure you are making the right decisions for yourself as these remain my personal opinions.

Counsellor – Sarah Brooks:

Sarah started her personal growth journey in 2000 while taking acting classes. This journey led to a desire for more healing which then inspired her to become a counsellor. A member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada [ACCT], Sarah is now a Master Registered Therapeutic Counsellor [MTC] & Registered Supervising Counsellor [RSC]. Sarah has run a private counselling practice from her home office since 2009. In addition, Sarah is an Instructor for the 8 month personal leadership/counselor training program at Clearmind International. (See blog post for more information)

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Image Consultant – Venessa Facciotti:

I found Venessa through a friend of mine and I am happy to add her to my list of trusted partners and people to work with.  Venessa has always been an entrepreneur with amazing energy.  After overcoming her own traumatic experience she decided to build a business around empowering women and showing them how beautiful they really are, no matter what has happened to them in their pasts.  Venessa does a huge variety of things to help women see themselves as beautiful, to love themselves again. Besides sharing her own experiences so openly, she goes the extra ten miles until you are happy.  I am proud to say that Venessa and I have agreed to be referral partners, so our clients have the best of both worlds.  For examples of her work, please visit her website ,but also take a look at all of my media profiles.  Venessa did the hair, makeup and photography for all of them, after planning with me intentionally, to capture the elements of me personally and Katalyst professionally, so she could serve us in the best possible way. As someone who has always had image problems, this is no small miracle and I am forever grateful for her care, time and attention and know that she is the only place I will go to for these services and she is the only professional in the business that I trust my valued clients with.

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Web Partner – Kirsten Starcher – Bio & Blog post to come soon

I met Kirsten a few years ago when we moved into the same neighbourhood and we have been trusted friends ever since.  She has been my only web person since I first opened Katalyst back in 2007. How she has managed to put up with me, my changes etc., and how to put my vision onto a website – and simply amazes me with her skills and talents almost 10 years later.

She is currently travelling through India for a few months, but rather than wait (I am not the most patient person) I thought I would add the bio and picture from her website in a post so you could get to know her now.

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