About Kimberly – What’s on my iPod?

I love music, plain and simple.  There is nothing I turn to more. I have it on in the car, at home in my office, while exercising & doing yoga, writing or doing collages, making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning or doing nothing at all.   I won’t comment on the healing power of music, as that is an entire post on its own and isn’t the purpose of this post.  But watch for it, it’s coming.

So where were we, oh yes, but before I go further, I have to also “out” my husband as he loves music too.  One of our favourite things to do is for us to take turns playing DJ, asking the other person to “name that tune in 3 notes”.  We do this at home and in this car when on a long trip, its fun and a great way to spend some time.

There is not enough room on this blog to give you all of my favourites, so perhaps starting with a Top 10 for now would suffice.   But I will temper it by saying, I do choose music by the mood I am in (or want to be in) or to achieve a result i.e.: walking faster on my treadmill. *lol* So I will start there…

For Kundalini Yoga – Snatam Kaur – always and pretty much my only choice.  Her CD Grace is my favourite.

For Treadmill – LL Cool J – yes I know, I can hardly believe I wrote this and it is public knowledge.

When I need to cry – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot is my go-to song.

When I need faith – Lord is it Mine? by Supertramp

When I am needing to re-connect to myself  – Host of Seraphim by Lisa Gerrard

When I am writing – Enigma

When I am driving – Peter Gabriel

When I am cooking – Classical

When I need to vent / get some anger out – AC/DC or Creed

My ode to High School – All We Are by Kim Mitchell

Well, that is all that is top of mind today, but as you can see kind of an eclectic mix.  But as I said, I love music, all kinds of music.  If you would like to know more, please just let me know and I will do another post.




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