About Kimberly – What’s on my bookshelf?

In addition to writing and music, reading tops the list of some of my most favourite things to do.

I love to read, always have. I love how a great story can draw you in, make you feel as though you were that person, living that exact life, lost to all current sound and surroundings.

One of my very favourite things to do, is to plan on a day where I have nothing to do and the only thing on the agenda is to read a book. I may not even get out of my pyjama’s. I will even go so far as to plan the meals in advance, so I don’t have to cook either. I even plan my beverages for the day. Depending on how much time I have planned for, I can work my way through from C – S in the alphabet – Coffee to Scotch ! I have to admit, I have even been known to do the groceries in advance to ensure my snacking options are also covered.  Then once I have everything in place for my “perfect day” I remind my friends that I am not available, disconnect myself from any sort of social media and depending on the day, even turn my phone off.  That is how much I love reading.   And no, I don’t apologize for any of this.  I don’t do it very often, but when I do, I want to make it count.

Because I don’t do it very often, I usually provide stacks of books for my houseguests, so I can read vicariously through them. *lol*

For the most part these days, I am usually reading for homework/coursework or as preparation for client sessions. So with that in mind and prefaced, I thought I would take a look at the books we currently have out in our home that are not school/work related, so you can get to know me a bit better. Who knows, maybe it is something we can talk about and incorporate into a future session together.

So, now the list.

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. We love watching English TV shows. We recently watched one episode from Waking the Dead and the main character had this book in his pocket through the episode because of its importance to him as a child and had it again with him when he died. At the end of the episode my husband and I were both extremely touched by its message.  We didn’t want to forget that moment, so purchased the book to have on our coffee table to remind us daily.
  2. Collected Works of  Rudyard Kipling. My mother in law loved Kipling and introduced me to his works over the years I knew her. This actual book was the one we had given her for Mothers Day, the week before she died. She is always with us in our hearts and having her book with us in our family room, ensures she is with us the rest of the time as well.
  3. Terracotta Warriors. We love the Terracotta Warriors and in fact have several statues of them in our home and garden. Having their story on our coffee table is a point of interest and reference for our new friends who silently watch over our home for us.
  4. Ashmolean Museum.  We love Oxford for its history, its tie to two of our favourites “Inspector Morse & Inspector Lewis” and so much more.  We stayed at the Randolph ( to part take of Morse & Lewis’ pub, aptly named “The Morse Pub”) during our last visit and the Ashmolean was across the street, so having the book reminds us both of where my husband and his family are from, but of great memories of our last visit there with friends who are dear to us.
  5. The Girl in the Spiders Web. Released after Stieg’s death, I am still not sure if I want to read it, but I had to have it, just in case. I loved how raw and real his Lisbeth Salander stories were and that it is how he dealt with what he experienced as a child. I have to admit I want more of what his first three were, which is quite impossible as he is unfortunately gone too soon. But I do hope that this new author, continued Stieg’s voice on just as strong and powerful, while representing himself and his voice in a solid way as well.
  6. Rising Strong. I love that Brene’s time has come and her work is doing so much good for so many. I have to admit I am reading it for both personal and professional reasons, which may come close to crossing the boundary for this list, but I hope you will allow me a bit of latitude just this once.
  7. Lives of the Impressionists.  My husband and I love art. We were recently in Seattle for a Seahawks game and a visit to SAM, where they had an Impressionist display of 68 works on tour, from a private family collection. There is always a book of art open somewhere in our home.. just a fact and I won’t apologize.
  8. Nigella. When I am in the mood, I love cooking. As it is the holidays, I always make her double chocolate cookies for my friends and family. Unfortunately for them, this year I realized I had been doubling my chocolate for the past 11 years, so they may be slightly different this year.
  9. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. I’ve tried to read it a few times, but keep on lending it out. I finally have it back.  Given my love affair with elephants I want it to be good, really good, in fact exceptionally good, so have super high expectations. But I do expect that as is typical with Picoult there will be a strong message within her powerfully researched, themes and storylines.
  10. This should count for two, but as they sit together, perhaps they can count as only one Author?  I have Sarah Ban Breathnachs books “The Simple Abundance book of Gratitude” and “Something More. Excavating Your Authentic Self”, sitting on my desk between my lamp and flowers.  I keep them close to remind me several times a day to be both myself and to be grateful.  They are sort of a touchstone of sorts and are where I look, when I centre and set my intention before my client sessions.

Well, that is it for today. On reflection, it makes me realize that I want to create more time to read. That while the big days are wonderful, that I should also find some time, every day to experience this sacred space of reading. I hope you too, find and make the time to do something that you enjoy, that fills you up.





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