A little something different today – Q & A

Today’s post is going to be a bit different, more personal in some ways.  I get asked so many questions, I thought I would do a bit of a Q & A to see if that helps at all.  Keep sending me your questions and I will answer them in my next Q & A post, or maybe do an entire post about the topic.

  1. Why do I chose to work with people to help them heal their trauma?  The main reason is because someone worked with me to help me heal and I want to help others to the same.  Life is so precious and I don’t want to lose another minute of mine or have you lose another minute of yours to the experiences from the past and how they show up now in the present and will guide our futures if we don’t heal them.
  2. I don’t remember everything, does that mean I cannot heal?  No, even if you have no cognitive memory, your body and nervous system hold the memories for you.  Healing can be done effectively and permanently even if you don’t have every piece and every memory.
  3. I’ve been through enough already, I don’t want to hurt anymore, isn’t this going to hurt?  I’m not going to lie, it will be painful and challenging at times, but I promise it will never be as bad as the experiences themselves that you are going to deal with, heal from.   I specialize in gentle, yet extremely effective modalities as my personal belief is that the trauma was hard enough to experience, the healing shouldn’t be just as hard.
  4. How does trauma really affect me? Isn’t this making a mountain out of a molehill?  From both personal experience and as validated by my various trainings & education, trauma really can & does affect every area of your life.  Your personal life & all of your relationships, as well as your business life, the career you chose, how you interact with your colleagues, to your physical & mental health & wellness.  How you dress, how you drive, how you handle decision making or conflict. This list goes on, but if you can imagine it, trauma can & does impact it. Some effects may be subtle, others may be more pronounced and visible. But there are predictable responses to trauma, that every person goes through, that we can all use as a starting place to then develop and work on the pieces that are yours alone.  But to answer the question, no, you are not making a mountain out of a molehill, trauma can and does affect every area of your life.  This is truly why it needs to be healed, so you can live a full & complete life, because you deserve it.
  5. How long will it take to deal & heal?  I wish I had a standard answer for this, but I don’t.  That is because each situation is different, each client different, their level of trauma & resiliency different. I can say that once you commit to making your healing a priority, you will see results and most likely faster than  you would have thought.

Ok, that will end the first 5 for today.  As I mentioned, please continue to send me more questions or items you want me to blog about.  I love hearing from you.



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