A bridge from challenges to success

Are you driven to achieve & accomplish? I know I am.

For myself, part of my personal strength comes from the realization and accomplishment of my goals. Reaching both my short and long term goals, helps me with my enthusiasm, drive, increases my energy, determination and commitment to move forward. To me, that is my natural internal motivation and that impacts every aspect of my entire life.

Having the clarity of my goals and direction really helps me stay on track with my purpose & helps me to reach my goals. It never enters my thoughts any more that I won’t reach my goals. My spirit and commitment to my goals overcome any doubts, fears or insecurities that I may have. But it hasn’t always been easy.

I used to be plagued by doubts & insecurities. As a planner and “control freak” I tried to plan out every option and come up with plan B, Plan C etc., and in doing so, found a way to erase the doubts and insecurities and feel confident to step fully into everything that I do.

If there was just one thing I could credit for this change & growth, it would be to recommend that you do whatever you do, from a perspective of looking both forwards and backwards.

What I mean specifically, is that for every goal, project or direction you take – start with strategic planning and after each is achieved, do what is called a “post mortem”, yes like on the TV shows.

It really is plan for everything that is coming up and a final assessment after the fact of what went well, what didn’t go well, what needs to be shifted and what I should repeat, pay attention to etc., These tools will help you both plan for your next steps and to prepare for what may come next, acting as the bridge between the past and the present, your challenges and your successes, your current goals & your future successes.

Knowing that there are going to be issues, challenges, setbacks and problems – makes it easy to keep moving forward. I’ve actually planned for them, expecting them to happen. But instead of derailing me, I have all of my past experience and the space within my plan for them. So there is nothing that becomes “too much to handle” and stays as just another learning opportunity and tool to be used for future growth. In this way I keep moving forward without being defeated by anything.

Maybe it is my years of business experience before transitioning into the trauma recovery field, but I do still use a lot of the same tools I used previously, now.

I take the “business” of healing very seriously and use some of those same tools to map it all out. From strategically planning to the post mortems, everything is planned from the beginning with the end in mind.

In all honesty, I am a strategic planning geek and love doing it. The results speak for themselves and knowing this, leaves me free to experience everything along the way, from a place of freedom, which then reinforces the drive and commitment to keep going, moving forward to achieve and accomplish. Maybe this approach will work for you too…

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