17 Seconds to Changing Beliefs About Sleep

It has been proven that change starts within 17 seconds of thought.  Do you have 17 seconds to try make a change in your life?

One of the things I hear about from my clients is how fear & stress affect how they sleep, and then how that lack of sleep affects everything else that follows.  Of course that makes sense, our body and its resources are not rested and recharged.  But what if we can shift this attitude in 17 seconds?

First let me be clear that I am not talking about sleep disorders, I am talking about general life situations and stress that are causing intermittent challenges to sleep.

Let’s consider a few facts …

  1. Neurofeedback is the study of how your thoughts affect your systems.
  2. Your mind doesn’t know what is going on inside your systems, it is outward focused on senses & experiences.

Taking those two facts, lets use it when it comes to sleeping.  Your mind creates a fear of being tired from lack of sleep, which is actually much worse than what actually happens in your body from being tired.

What would happen if instead of turning on and tapping into this fear you instead chose to be grateful for something / anything, i.e.: thank your nervous system for its abundance.  We already know that gratitude turns off the fear, flight & flight response, which was being fed by the fear created in your mind above.

This shift in fact from fear to abundance, deactivates the survival /threat response & re-directs the energy within your system to help you function for the day until you have the opportunity to rest.

Do you have 17 seconds to try this? Hint, hint… this same thought pattern works in other areas as well…


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