Providing trauma informed care, to help those who have experienced trauma recover & reclaim their lives.



In general, Trauma is anything that overwhelms the capacity of your system at the time it happens. Trauma is also any event or experience that you find deeply distressing or disturbing.


We hear the word trauma so much, but what are concrete examples of traumatic events? (not listed in any specific order)


  • Sexual abuse – experiencing it, witnessing it or knowing about it, but not having the ability to do anything about it
  • Physical abuse – experiencing it personally or witnessing it
  • Psychological abuse, abandonment, neglect
  • Being in or witnessing a serious accident (e.g. car, plane, train, public event)
  • Sudden unexpected or violent death of someone close (e.g., suicide, accident)
  • Serious injury (e.g., burns, dog attack), major surgery (e.g., heart surgery), or life-threatening illness (e.g., childhood cancer)
  • Domestic or family violence, dating violence
  • War or political violence (e.g., civil war, terrorism, refugee)
  • Natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, fire or earthquake
  • Community violence (e.g., shooting, mugging, burglary, assaults, bullying)

This is by no means a complete list, but it gives an idea of the things that can be traumatizing and change your life forever.  If these experiences, their effects & impact are left untreated, it can affect your entire life and can among other things, lead to PTSD, health & wellness issues.


If you have experienced or witnessed any of these things, please know what you are feeling is real and help is available.


There is no shame in asking for help to heal from trauma.  Healing is a natural occurrence when it is a cut on your hand, but if you break your arm, you go to a doctor for their specific help.  Healing from trauma is the same sort of thing, something that needs some specific assistance to overcome.  Asking for help isn’t a weakness, it is you taking responsibility for yourself & your recovery, wanting a future that is different from your present & your past.  If anything, getting the help you need to overcome this, will be the strongest and healthiest decision you have ever made for yourself and your family.